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Accurate, Low Cost Mass Flow Meter Applications
for the Process Industry

Agriculture • Asphalt • Biotech• Chemical • Food and Beverage • Oil and Gas • Pharmaceutical

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Mass Flow Meter for Calibration

Mass Flow Meter Calibration System

  mass flow meter on a cart is used at a combustion turbine station to verify the accuracy of meters measuring the flow of fuel going to the turbines. The turbines can run on natural gas or fuel oil. In either case, the calibration cart accurately measures the fuel flow.

Coriolis Flow Meter Station

Coriolis Flow Meter Station for Custody Transfer

  Use a mass flow metering system to accurately measure and automate the unloading and loading of rail cars or trucks. The metering system can be inline or on a cart that can be relocated as needed. Mass flow metering systems can be installed at a much lower cost than weighing stations and provide higher accuracy. Interfaces to your computer network are available.

Mass Flow Meter System

Coriolis Flow Meter System for Batch and Flow Control
Filling • Dispensing • Dosing

  Use a metering system to accurately fill drums or any other container - large or small. Mass flow Meters can accurately measure at a lower cost than load cells or weigh modules. Interfaces can be provided to link the meters to your computer process control network.

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